In my previous research project, I found that Gen Zers are disillusioned by clubbing.

My primary research found that many of them (especially females) feel unsafe or uncomfortable. In addition, many are seeking escape from everyday life, and this escape is more focused on in person social interactions.

Therefore, I concluded that there is an opportunity to create something which allows Gen Z to continue to enjoy and benefit from this creative outlet, and escape without feeling unsafe. My solution to this problem was to design a members club that hosts events with people’s safety in mind and works to build a community that encourages and normalises a culture of acceptance and safety.
3rd Year Final Project (spec)

Creative Director
Art Director

Graphic Design
Branding + Identity
Art Direction

Illustration - Naomi Kvedaras
Graphics (Info Pack) - Lauren Berger

Foresights from Primary & Secondary Research


Creative Direction: Isabelle Liddall
Illustration: Naomi Kvedaras

The members club is called ‘Safe Base’ and works alongside partners to provide education and training to nightlife spaces and also to clubbers, with the aim of normalising safe clubbing and ensuring that Gen Z are able to enjoy this creative outlet. It’s preliminary focus is on dance music events, but the long- term aim would be to expand the concept to other genres.

The outcomes are in the form of the Safe Base brand identity, a mobile application, posters and an information pack to nightlife organisations.

Information Pack 

Creative Direction: Isabelle Liddall
Graphic Design: Lauren Berger

App Design

Creative Direction and App design: Isabelle Liddall